I’m Young. My full name is Ling Young Loon. I grew up in Singapore, and study Econometrics & Mathematical Economics at LSE. Capital pulses through peoples, cities, and histories. That fascinates me. I trade and invest, and while I twiddle my thumbs for my theses to play out, I program. Code is now an inveterate extension of my self.

Civilization advances by extending the number of important operations which we can perform without thinking of them

This is my 2nd personal website. I was unsatisfied with the first as I couldn’t write as expressively as I hoped. I missed sitting down and smithing my thoughts into words. To write is to be bold and be permenant. That is courage of the highest order.

For leisure, I scroll github. Or sometimes read Proust, amongst many others.

I dream a lot.

Stuff I care about:

  • Monetary aggregates & its plumbing
  • Machine Learning v Econometrics
  • Decentralization preceding the Singularity